Anti-Sway Bars!
For 1969 Boss 429

Fits all other 1969
Mustangs, too!

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..Beautifully reproduced1969 Boss 429 rear, 3/4" diameter, anti-sway bar.
Bar and hardware kit reproduced from an original factory Boss 429.
..Quality is nicer, welding is better and we used polyurethane in place of rubber
for the endlinks and bushings. Includes special "anti-squeak" Poly Lube for
the bushings.
Will fit other 1969 Mustangs also.
..Detail of the endlinks. They are TIG welded steel with poly inserts.
Even the poly has a steel sleeve on the frame end, as shown by the red arrows.
Need just the endlinks?
Hours 10am to 5pm Monday thru Friday
Phone (503) 284-8484