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Aldridge Motorsports

..In 1964 I graduated from Parkrose High
School and already had a fantastic job working
with my dad at a shop in NW Portland, taking
care of all the company cars for Oregon
Automobile Insurance Co. Shortly after1965 my
Dad passed away of cancer and I was asked to
continue taking care of approximately 230
company cars.
..I bought my first Mustang in 1966, a white 289,
4 speed Fastback. After modifying it, I started
racing it out at Delta Park, now Portland
International Raceway.
..In 1968 my brother, Mike and I, were asked to help build and take care of
Herschel McGriff’s NASCAR Grand National race car. In 1969 we won 20 out
of 23 races. Herschel is now in the top 50 NASCAR drivers in the NASCAR Hall
of Fame.
..During 1970 through 1972 I built some of my own race cars and went in to
NHRA Drag racing. The cars ran in Pro/Stock class, which are fast factory style
hot rods: Mustangs, Mavericks, Pintos, Camaros, Vegas, Barracudas with 700 HP
V8 engines.
..With the help of many good people on our crew, and a great independent sponsor,
and some manufacturer sponsors, we were quite successful for many years. We
won many Winston Points races, two NHRA National records and two AHRA
World Championship races two years in a row.
..In the 1980’s we sold all of our race cars, trucks, trailers and equipment and
returned the profits back into the business for inventory and shop development.
..In 1986 the business purchased a new building at 6006 NE Holladay, in Portland
Oregon, and recently in 2016 moved to Vancouver Washington.
..In 1984 Aldridge Motorsports and Engineering became the first in Oregon and
the Pacific Northwest to be a Ford Motorsports parts warehouse, now known as
Ford Racing. Over the next few years, Ford Racing chose a handful (50) out of
thousands of engine builders across the United States to represent them. We are
qualified and very proud to represent Ford Racing., You can see us listed in the
back of the Ford Racing catalog. Aldridge Motorsports is still being acknowledged
as one of these engine builders.
..Over the next 18 years we have grown into one of the largest "Ford" shops in
Oregon and Washington and possibly on the West Coast. Our building is now at
18,000 sq. ft. and still growing. It houses a walk-in retail area, a wholesale division
(selling to the Ford dealerships), a warehouse area full of new and used Ford
Mustang parts from 1960’s through 2012. A machine shop area, special clean
rooms for assembly of cylinder heads, engines, a flow bench room for flowing
cylinder heads, intake manifolds, headers, carburetors, a dyno room with a new
Super Flow dyno, and a complete service area .
WE are very proud of our shop and the accomplishments over the last 52 years
and plan on continuing our service and help to our customers in the years to come.

Denny Aldridge
Aldridge Motorsports and Engineering
Phone (503) 284-8484