What's through
these Doors?!
Just one more thing that makes
Aldridge Motorsports a little special!
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.Engine Building
.Suspension & Brakes
.Carb Rebuilding
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The right room for the right job keeps everything
clean and the jobs done correctly.
Denny Aldridge has a small room full of rare and
special items that he calls his "Neat Stuff". Are they
for sale? You'll have to ask him.
A special service room that is only used for building
rearends. All the right tools, all the special parts.
This is where the media blasting cabinet is and where
grinding chips fly. This keeps the dirt and dust away
from, well, every where else!
Flow testing heads, grinding valves, checking cams...
this is the special room where it is done.
Just like the door says, it's a special room for assembling
cylinder heads. It's clean! Also used for cc'ing the chambers.
What can I say here about the engine room?
It's clean...nice, it's where all engines are assembled.
Phone (503) 284-8484